As the gravity of climate change and the destruction of nature continues apace and the wide-ranging implications are more directly experienced in people’s everyday lives, the obligations increase correspondingly for museums to reflect and address these urgent issues and contribute to safeguarding the future for coming generations.


The Meyvaert Museum Prize for Environmental Sustainability is sponsored by Meyvaert and goes to a museum which shows an exceptional commitment to reflecting and addressing issues of sustainability and environmental health in its collecting, documentation, displays and public programming as well as in the management of its own social, financial and physical resources.


Prior to 2020, before being introduced as an award, it was given as a special commendation for sustainability


2023: Swiss Museum of Agriculture 
Burgrain, Switzerland

Photo credit: The Swiss Museum of Agriculture vividly show the interconnections between what's on your plate, national and international agriculture, and the impact on farmers around the world. © Swiss Museum of Agriculture Burgrain

For more information: EMYA2023 Winners Brochure


2022: Holmegaard Værk
Fensmark, Denmark

Holmegaard Værk, Fensmark, Denmark, the 2022 Winner of the Meyvaert Museum Prize for Sustainability


2021: Museum Walserhaus
Bosco Gurin, Switzerland

Bosco Gurin under Fog © Museum Walserhaus


2020: The Wadden Sea Centre
Ribe, Denmark

Museum Architecture © The Wadden Sea Centre

Migratory Birds at the Wadden Sea © The Wadden Sea Centre